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Step by Step Selling Process

A person’s home is typically their most valuable asset. That is why selecting the right estate agent to represent you when selling is so important and key to ensuring that you receive the highest possible sales price. We pride ourselves on a friendly, hands on and quality professional estate agency service. Our service is designed to make your moving experience easy, seamless and stress free.

Here’s the services we offer and a step by step guide to the selling process.

1. Your Free Property Valuation

Whether you are ready to sell or just interested as to the value of your home, you can book a free no obligation property valuation by an expert member of the Moving team.

Simply enter your details and we will be in touch to get the process started.

A member of our valuation team will visit your property at a time that is convenient to you.

They will carry out a detailed appraisal of your home, looking at its inside and outside size and space, its key selling features, and overall condition and presentation.

They will also consider factors beyond the home itself such as location, proximity to green space, local amenities, shops and restaurants, school catchment areas and transport links to the city centre and across the central belt.

They will use their expertise to review and assess all relevant valuation information and insights. They will review all comparable recent and historic sales in the area and assess how your home sits within the market, what target buyers are looking for in your area and how buyers are currently reacting to the market.

Following this overall assessment, our Valuer will provide you with a property valuation of what your home might achieve if it was to be put to market.  They will also talk you through the selling process and explain all the services that we provide, as well as timescales and costs.

2. Onboarding & Getting Ready for Viewings

The next step is onboarding which includes signing up and ID Checks. Identity checks can be completed quickly and remotely, and will not be shared with any other party and is an essential part of the due diligence process we are required to carry out.

We will also provide you with bespoke advice on any property improvements required and how to stage your home to maximise potential value. If required, we can organise everything for you, including dressing and staging your property for sale with home accessories and furniture.

3. Home Report

A Home Report is instructed and provided by a recommended and accredited property surveyors. We have a panel of surveyors that we recommend to our clients. The home report has three sections.

1) A Single Survey – based on the visual inspection by a chartered surveyor, tells you about the property, its condition, its accessibility and any repairs that may need to carried out, either urgently or in the future. It also gives a valuation of the home in its current condition (an opinion on how much the home is worth).
2) Property questionnaire – with information on different categories including:

  • council tax band
  • any issues that may have affected the home in the past, like fire or storm damage or asbestos
  • any alterations or extensions
  • details of any specialist works or guarantees
  • details of any notices that might affect the home

3) An Energy Report containing an Energy Performance Certificate. This details house’s energy efficiency and roughly how much heating, lighting and hot water will cost. It also rates environmental impact in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

4. Instructing Your Solictor

You will need to appoint a solicitor to act on your behalf in the sale of your property.  It’s crucially important to get a good solicitor to communicate effectively with you, protect your investment and represent your best interests in the sale transaction. The team at Moving have dealt with many great solicitors over the past decades.  We have a panel of trusted solicitors whose details we can provide you with, or you can select you own solicitor.

If you require mortgage and financial services advice, we also have a qualified Mortgage broker Brogan McKay, here at Moving.

5. Services & Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy materials will be confirmed and employed to include:

  • High quality photographs of your home by our professional photographers and option of HD video of your home. Our photographers are highly experienced and will work to make your home look as attractive as it can be.
  • Detailed and accurate floor plan
  • Detailed property particulars description highlighting your home’s key selling features
  • LED advertising on prime position of our Byres Road branch
  • Advertising on all key property sales websites, Rightmove, Zoopla, S1 Homes, as well as our own website, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Options to make your property a featured property on some of these sites which means your property appears at the top of the area search making it more readily visible and targeted to all prospective buyers
  • On street for sale signage

6. Setting the Asking Price

Following your approval of the home report, we will set the asking price. As above, we consider all factors – the location, market conditions, competition for similar properties, the general condition of your home as well as any improvements that have been made.  The asking price is normally set in conjunction with the formal valuation contained within the Home Report.

7. Launching your Property to Market, Viewings & Feedback

We will launch your property onto the market and promote it to the public across all the property portals. Potential buyers will then make inquires and we manage these and organise and arrange viewings, with the goal of ensuring that we get the largest pool of potential buyers to view your property as possible.

Viewings can be done by you the owner, or we can provide accompanied viewings by one of the Moving team. Around one in three buyers only see a property once before buying, and one in two see it twice. So, each viewing opportunity is precious.

We operate extended opening hours so that we will never miss a potential buyer’s call or viewing inquiry. We are available to answer calls and emails, and can provide accompanied viewings 7 days a week and out of business hours at evenings and weekends.

We seek to get feedback from every viewing so that we can keep you informed of progress on the sale of your property.

Ready to get started?

8. Closing the Sale

This stage is really where it pays to have selected an accomplished estate agent to represent your most valuable asset. We will use our expertise and unmatched experience to be proactive and encourage as much interest and as many offers on your property as possible. We will review all forthcoming offers, looking at proposed date of entry, mortgage funding situation, whether the potential buyers are first time buyers or if their offer is subject to sale of their own house or not. We will advise you on the best approach and tactics and use our negotiation skills when responding to offers to ensure that we achieve the best possible sales price for your home, leaving nothing on the table.

If there is competition from a number of potential buyers, we may suggest setting a closing date. Following a closing date, we will review all offers looking at the same considerations as noted above. We will advise you on which offer is the most suitable for your acceptance.

9. Offer Acceptance & Next Steps

Once you have accepted an offer on your property, the next stage involves your solicitors who will carry out the conveyancing, review all the legal documentation and confirm all is in order for completion of the sale. This process involves setting the date of entry, checking the property titles and all documentation relating to the property and any works or alterations carried out and liaising with the property factors to ensure there are no outstanding communal works, concluding missives, completion of the sale and transferring funds.

The team at Moving will keep a regular check on the progress of this process and are always there to answer any questions that you may have. We will do our utmost to unblock any hold ups that may occur and ensure you feel informed about what is happening.

10. Sale Completion & Key Exchange

Once all parties are satisfied with the contracts, finances are lined up and a date of entry is set. The date of entry is the agreed upon day when the balance of money if transferred to you and the property ownership is transferred to the buyers.

Once we have confirmation from the your solicitor that completion has taken place, we will arrange for keys to be handed over to the buyers.

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Step by Step Selling Process